Sunday, 10 March 2013

Smart Buy Glasses Wishlist

Okay, so I've seen some really gorgeous sunglasses through this wonderful giveaway and thought I might as well make a wishlist.

It's nearly summer, and I'm sure all of you are lusting over the sun every time it peeks through those storm clouds - I know I am! I'm actually not much of a summer person, (so it's a good job that I live in the UK I guess!) but I've always loved sunglasses because I wear glasses anyway. I always find it so hard to find the right pair, especially because I'm so blind without my normal glasses on that I can't see anything through most sunglasses! I've recently tried out contact lenses and I seriously recommend them when you don't want to spend out on prescription sunglasses, and wearing them under normal sunglasses.

And so, here's two of my favourites;

Celine more info - Celine CL 41755/S Audrey Polarized 807/3H Marc By Marc Jacobs more info - Marc By Marc Jacobs MMJ 155/S M9A/E5

The pair on the left (^) are by the brand Celine and they really caught my eye because of the lovely cat-eye look to them - with a slightly exaggerated point at the glasses' arm edge. I think they're a really flattering style and would look really gorgeous and classic on. The second pair (right) are by Marc Jacobs and I just adore them for the jaunty pattern. I would love to own these!


For more sunglasses visit;

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  1. Ooh those Marc Jacobs ones are SO cool, I love the pattern - totally wish I was edgy enough to pull them off haha

    Jennie xo |

    1. I know; they're gorgeous! I always look like such an idiot in sunglasses - i'm sure they'd suit you though :-) xx