Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Very Best of Pastel Bags

Pastel Bags

This season, especially in the chilly months, pastels are really trending - you can wrap up warm in a pale blue jacket, or whip on some pastel skinny jeans to complete any casual look. What interests me about this colour trend is how it applies to accessories, for example handbags, and how pastel handbags are in-season at the moment. Of course, one of the main reasons why satchels are trending is because of the business which became famous almost overnight - the Cambridge Satchel Company (website here ) which took a classic and played with the design. A pastel handbag is the ideal companion - not only are they really pleasing to look at, they're also really practical, as most are designed in a satchel format, so big enough to carry all of those extra make-up bits and any other things you keep in your handbag (I know mine is full of rubbish!). My favourite pastel handbags momentarily are these - 

(from left to right) 
Zatchels Handbag - £64 (they have a range of pastel colours, I would suggest having a look at the website for more information)
Mint Green Handbag  - £30 ASOS
Cambridge Satchel Blue bag - (unpriced due to it being from a foreign website) 
Pale Pink Bag - £180
Lacoste Bag - £120

Hope you've liked this post, I must say my favourite is the Zatchels bag! Lots of love 

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