Monday, 22 October 2012

Style Crush #1 - Alexa Chung

Not only does Alexa Chung have impeccable style, she also has a great personality, and I absolutely love her as a presenter and model! She has been a trendsetter since she became famous, and has never failed to impress with her outlandish and ethereal looks.
(Above) Alexa in a grey lace dress with a floral print, with a crotchet style handbag and gold-coloured flat shoes, at the Foundry store launch in New York. I personally love this look - she looks extremely ethereal and elegant, and her smoky eye make up just finishes the look. I couldn't find a high-street equivalent of this, but it's absolutely gorgeous, and I'd love to design something along the lines of this dress.
(Above) Alexa in a grunge inspired outfit - she wears skinny jeans and a black coat from her Madewell collection, and a Isabel Marant sweater, for Stella McCartney's annual Christmas lights. Not only is this a flattering look, but it's almost an everyday outfit, and I've found some high street equivalents -

Matsita knitKimmy cardigan

For example, this coat (above left), £95 from Urban Outfitters, would look great with the underlayer of this jumper (above middle) from Monki at £25, or this cardigan (above right) from Monki at £35. 

Finally, I also love this look from Alexa - 

A mohair jumper paired with a prom skirt and a black clutch bag make this outfit both dressy and comfortable. I personally love this look - it looks amazing on her, especially with her slim figure, and I have researched high street options for this look - 

Rare Two in One Prom Dress

(Above left) A black mohair sweater from Rare London reflects Alexa's look, but on a much less pricey level, for £36. Bank Fashion have also made a 'prom dress' skirt equivalent - you could wear the mohair sweater over the top of the dress to hide it, and I love the look of the skirt (above right), for £50. 

Alexa I love you! Hope you've enjoyed this post, explore my blog for more, 
Lots of love 

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