Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Amy Antoinette Competition Entry

Hello! This is my entry for Amy Antoinette's Next Competition, hope you enjoy! Apologies for some of the pictures being fuzzy - photoshop wasn't working so I had to use Paint. I've also added in some hair and make-up suggestions in case anyone wants to re-create this look and is wondering about what make up to do, and how to style their hair to compliment the Next outfit.
Thankyou! xo

Scenario 1)

It's a chilly winter's day, and you've been asked out by some of your friends who are going to the cinema. You want to look casual, but also dress to impress, because you know someone you like is going. Below is my outfit choice.

Not only is this outfit quite cosy in winter months, you could keep adding layers to it to make it warmer (e.g. whip on a grey trenchcoat or add in a comfy, wooly scarf). It's also, whilst being quite casual, extremely on-trend, and the use of knee-high socks lengthens the look of the legs, despite you wearing flat shoes. Personally I would wear this outfit for any kind of casual event, so it's extremely fitting for a situation like this.

Colour Scheme - 
Outfit Information - 
http://www.next.co.uk/g485730s3#838044g48 jimmy choo scent (not next own brand but sold via the website so I though I would include it)

Make Up Choices 
* These aren't Next products but I thought that they would really compliment the outfit. *
For this outfit you'd want a smoky-eyed look, to complete the whole grungey feel, but a more natural look on the rest of your face to really make your eyes pop. I would suggest these products - 

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara - http://www.boots.com/en/Max-Factor-Eye-Brightening-Mascara-for-Brown-eyes_1265799/ (I have brown eyes so this is my shade, but they have variations for different eye colours
And a quite matte, nude lipstick or lip gloss, such as the collection 2000 cream puff lip cream - http://www.boots.com/en/Collection-2000-Cream-Puff-Lip-Cream_1222512/

Hair Choices - 
I would suggest to have your hair up if you were going with this look, in a messy bun to tie in with that grungey look. If you had your hair down I would suggest giving it lots of texture with a volumising spray, curling parts of it to create that messy down look. 

Scenario 2) 

You've been asked to a winter wedding. The bride wants everyone to wear white, unconventionally, because it's going to be in a snowy setting, and the theme is 'Winter Wonderland'. You want to look good, but not take away too much from the bride herself. Below is my outfit choice. 

Personally, I love this outfit for a winter occasion. Not only is it classy, it's also extremely sophisticated, and, most importantly, warm! I love the colour scheme of maroon and white, especially with the lacy look to the dress. Alternatively, you could wear a navy dress and those gorgeous black heels, it's your choice!

Colour Scheme - 

Outfit Information -
http://www.next.co.uk/x502006s2#786749x50 model's necklace, maroon/gold/bronze

Make Up Choices -
* These aren't Next products but I thought that they would really compliment the outfit. *
Personally, I would wear quite nude colours on the face generally, with nude tone eye shadows, perhaps with a lighter shade in the tear duct. I would pair this with a really bright lip colour to tie in with the maroon. Here are a few make-up products I would suggest; 
A No7 primer to keep all that make up on - http://www.boots.com/en/17-Photo-Flawless-Primer_1155344/
Collection 2000 Blush - http://www.boots.com/en/Collection-2000-Blush_984138/ this is the most gorgeous blush if you haven't tried it yet, I thoroughly recommend trying it out. 
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - http://www.boots.com/en/Rimmel-Lasting-Finish-Lip-Stick_1133045/ in Tantrum or Firecracker to finish the outfit

Hair Suggestion
I would suggest, again, hair up here, in a really neat bun or pony tail. This will complete the sophisticated and classy look, especially due to the fact that all of your hair is pulled off your face, giving focus on your bright lip colour.

Scenario 3)

You work in the fashion industry, and tomorrow is a big day - you have an interview with a higher power for a promotion, and you need to look fierce! Your current boss tips you that they're looking for someone who understands the current trends, and suggests that you wear something reflective of this. Below is my outfit choice.

I am absolutely in love with the over-sizing trend currently, and this classy, quite dulled down colour scheme is extremely sophisticated - perfect for an interview. It's also a warm outfit in these wintery months, which means you won't be too chilly on the way to work.

Colour Scheme -

Outfit Information - 

Make Up Choices - 
* These aren't Next products but I thought that they would really compliment the outfit. *
In this kind of situation, I would advise quite neutral and nudey make-up to tie in with the oatmeal colour scheme. I would suggest making blushes more gold than red, and having a pale pink or light nude lip colour, as well as quite simple eye makeup. Here are a few make-up products that I would suggest - 

Bare Minerals Natural Lipcolour - http://www.feelunique.com/p/Bare-Escentuals-BareMinerals-Natural-Lip-Colour?q=mac in Pink Champagne

Hair Choices
Personally, I think either hair up or down would look good with this outfit. If you chose hair down, I would suggest sweeping it behind the outfit (if long enough), making it look sleek and professional. If up, do a neat bun or ponytail, and hairspray heavily to avoid any flyaway ends. 

Thankyou for reading my post, I hope you've enjoyed it! I have taken about 2 days straight to do this, so I hope you like it, and I'm a new blog, so this was a really lovely thing for me to do, and I've loved seeing how other people have styled the stock. :-) 

Lots of Love 

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