Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pull and Bear Wishlist

I'm guessing none of you know this, but I am absolutely obsessed with Pull and Bear products. My favourite winter pieces this year are as following -

This leather effect skirt is to die for - paired with a really over-sized knit, tights and chunky boots it would be my ideal outfit. Leather and camo are both really popular this season - 
This camo jacket paired with some disco pants, or really just some black leggings would look really flattering, and you can dress up this camo look with some wedges, a plain black tube top and a black mini-skirt for a night out. 
My favourite Pull and Bear piece this season, however, is this gorgeous knit - 
Paired with a mini-skirt, tights and chunky boots it would be a really cosy outfit for work, or even just with black leggings it would look really great. I love the collar of it, but mostly I love the back - 
If you can see it has a staggered back section to the jumper, which I really love - it gives it a really asymmetric look. 

First proper post over! Yay over and out

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