Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Riot Loco Wishlist

So I've recently found this website - http://riotloco.com/, and I absolutely am in love with the stock! Not only is their stuff kind of grungey, which is a look I absolutely adore, but it is inexpensive and looks designer! Some of their stock, I have to admit, is likeable to an acquired taste, but the design of their stock, especially their shoes, is amazing. 

My first item for my wishlist are these - 

These heels, called Lucite Heels Oxford, look absolutely designer, and although the currency of the website is in SDP - singapore dollars, they ship internationally, and for these shoes, at 43.50 SDP, they convert as about £22. These shoes have a very niche design, however, and the perspex heels, as one of my friends pointed out, may make you look slightly silly, as if you're permanently walking on tip toe! They are insanely cool though - I especially love the cut out panel of the shoes making them mock peep toe - absolutely gorgeous. 

I also love these shoes - 

These are the 'Pastel Studded Mary Jane Shoes' and they would look absolutely gorgeous dressed up with a white skirt and sheer blouse, with a big chunky handbag and quite simplistic jewellery, or as a dressed down look, with skinny jeans, a pale pink blazer or top and a basic handbag. I love these so much, and at 30.50 SDP they convert at about £15.00, which is an absolute bargain! 

My favourite pair of shoes however are these gorgeous chunky boots - 

These 'Block Lace Heel Booties' would look amazing to make a dressy outfit more casual, or to complete an everyday grungey look! I absolutely love the design - the staggered lacing so that the laces cover the larger part of the boot makes them look extremely grunge, but also really, really stylish. I wouldn't be surprised to see celebrities wearing this brand's clothing - these convert at about £15 / £16 from 32.00 SDP. These are my favourites by far, because they would really go with anything, and are both practical and stylish!

Clothing wise, my favourite piece is this - 

Currently, this is on sale, and I love it! With a contrasting powder pink and powder blue colour scheme, this could, again be both dressy and casual, depending on what you paired it with. This is 30.00 SDP - around £15 again, so a complete bargain. 

My final item are these gorgeous sunglasses - 

These are being sold in most highstreet stores at the moment, but I love RiotLoco's take on the cat-eye sunglasses look. They look really classy, and the thin frame makes the rims of the glasses even more prominent - absolutely gorgeous! 

Aaah so many nice things, so little money! 

Hope you liked this post, check out the rest of my blog if you did! 

Lots of love 

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