Monday, 22 October 2012

Drop Dead and Thunder Apparel Wishlist

Okay, so i'm currently in love with Drop Dead clothing, and an indie clothing brand called Thunder Apparel followed me on twitter and their stuff is sick! I have a wishlist here - 

From Thunder Apparel

Image of Thndr Script Tee (Burgundy)Image of Eye Of Thunder Tote BagImage of Arrows Longsleeve

(From left to right) Thndr shirt in burgundy - £13.99, Tote Bag - £3.99, Arrows Sweatshirt - £16.99

I'm personally in love with the Thndr tee - really stylish and would look great dressed down with skinny jeans and a cosy scarf (sorry, winter mindset), or dressed up with a mini skirt, dark blazer and heels for a gathering.

Not only is their stuff affordable, but the designs are really great - I will be placing an order asap!

From Drop Dead Clothing

Dino Shapes Skirt - main imageStare DevilDiamond Quilt - main image

(From left to right) Dino Skirt - £30.00, 'Stare Devil' Dress - £25.00, Coat - £50.00

Just a quick post to say how much I love this stuff! I'm not really and indie kind of person, but these clothes are completely to die for 

Over and out! 

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